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What is a Climbing Wall

Bildering And Bilderers
Geoffrey Windthrop Young
Arthur Pinner

First True Climbing Structure
Schurman Rock
Clark Schurman
Camp Long

Post War Development

1960's Boom
Britians First Climbing Walls

1970's Development

Climbing Wall Manufacturers
Bendcrete Climbing Walls
DR Climbing Walls

University Walls
Brunel University
Spire Rock
University of Washington

The 1980's Wall Development
The invention of the bolt on Hold

First Commercial Climbing Centre
Vertical, In Seattle
Mile End, London

The 1990's Beginning of the Golden Age

21st Century Climbing Walls and the Future

Free Stuff - Useful Stuff -
Sat Nav for UK Climbing Walls: Climbing Wall Topo's



Where ever and whenever you climb always remember:

"The BMC recognises that climbing, hill
walking and mountaineering are activities
with a danger of personal injury or death.
Participants in these activities should be aware
of and accept these risks and be responsible
for their own actions and involvement.”

Sat Nav POI Directory for Uk Climbing Walls

Based on the BMC Climbing Wall Directory 2012, with additions from UK Climbing Website and a lot of searching on google maps. Where known, I've tried to indicate the car park near the entrance rather than rely on just the post code. Most Centres have a phone number that should work with a Bluetooth set, if you get stuck phone them not me. Obviously there are no phone numbers for the Artificial Climbing Boulders in parks.

The Climbing Wall Sat Nav POI directory has approximately 350 walls (I may have included the same wall twice as it is known as different names and includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. All have some public access, though some may require a phone call to either check for opening times or to book. There just isn't enough space to include size and type of climbing facility. Neither can it include opening times, websites, prices and, sorry Don, but neither can it include the manufacturer. The directory is a bit light on walls in Northern and Southern Ireland. Either someone needs to build more climbing wall there or I need help finding them.

Download the climbing wall POI directory for Tom Tom sat navs here - Tom Tom Sat Nav

Google Earth


GPS EXchange

Instructions - Right Click the link and save as. Unzip the file; a Readme text file with instructions and two Climbing Wall files, the data file and a simple BMP image file. Simply put these two files into the folder that contains your map data.

It is not a definitive list.- Road signs and traffic rules always take precedent, and don't operate it while driving

If you find any errors, discrepancies or better parking points, if I've missed a wall please let me know and I'll correct it when I can.



Climbing Wall Topo's-

From the famous to the obscure:
The Broughton Wall Topo, Salford -The Main Wall - Broughton Power 2010 or The Board Meet 2010 (Excel spreadsheet)

Glossop Leisure Centre - By Kevin Anderson, the 2001 edition - there have been some changes since.(excel spreadsheet)
Glossop Leisure Centre - 2001 edition but converted to PDF.

Newcastle's Eldon Square Leisure Centre Climbing Wall Topo - from the wayback when machine

Oxford Frys Boulder Mini Guide by Steve Broadbent
Summerhill Boulders -In Hartlepool- By Rock Works
Fairlop Waters Boulder Park - North East London - by Rockworks
Clifton Park Salford - by Rockworks - or video
Old school - North London - The Michael Sobell Leisure Centre in Finsbury Park, Islington
The Heeley Boulder, Sheffield - by Nail Grimes.

All Sites/Venues can be found on the Sat Nav Directory's above.

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