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What is a Climbing Wall

Bildering And Bilderers
Geoffrey Windthrop Young
Arthur Pinner

First True Climbing Structure
Clark Schurman
Camp Long

Post War Development

1960's Boom
Britians First Climbing Walls

1970's Development

Climbing Wall Manufacturers
Bendcrete Climbing Walls
DR Climbing Walls

University Walls
Brunel University
Spire Rock
University of Washington

The 1980's Wall Development
The invention of the bolt on Hold

First Commercial Climbing Centre
Vertical, In Seattle
Mile End, London

The 1990's Beginning of the Golden Age

21st Century Climbing Walls and the Future

What is A Climbing Wall
What is a climbing wall?
A simple enough question, with a simple answer. It is a wall used for climbing on. A climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with holds for hands and feet, normally used for indoor climbing, but often located outdoors as well.
Some are brick or wooden wall constructions, as well as fibreglass, concrete and plywood.These walls often have fixings in them to attach bolt on holds to
Simple, yes? Well if it was you'd have asked Jeeves, Bing, Google or Wikipedia! Well when you look at the question deeper you realise it is more ambiguous, you may as well ask how long is a piece of string.
Yes, a piece of string. It depends how you measure it: at sea level, on top of Mount Everest it I'll be different. At -100° it'll be different than at +100°. Do you open it out flat and measure the length or diagonally or do you measure the length of each spiralled strand. Not that relevant, maybe, but you see wheat I mean.

So OK what do we mean by a climbing wall?
Well lets Just wing it for a while.

In essence a climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with holds for hands and feet used for climbing on but not necessarily exclusively. It could also be used for abseiling of course or it could be part of an existing structure. For example a house, bank, embankment or bridge.

The methods of construction also vary a great deal as does the design, but not only that the use varies greatly.

Why do we climb walls?

Maybe Like Bauhaus in Of Lillies and Remains:
i will climb this high wall
in remembrance of clancy
to regain or re-earn my life
as i died just a flicker of an eyelid ago,
the wall has many holes
and many foot pieces to fasten to.
the wall is dangerous, and this is my penance
my penance and my taski did it once and they wondered
yet i need to go, once more around
up breathtakingly
across rigidly
down easily- and foolishly
i endeavoured again
to climb the wall in vain
and capture back my chain
of lillies and remains
of lillies and remains
Bauhaus - Of lillies and remains

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