Remember When We Were Young is a Photo Archive of The Thornhill Family. Featuring photographs from Joe Thornhill and Gary Thornhill

Photographs have to be at least 20 years old to qualify so keep watching...Remember When We Were Young, We Shone Like The Sun...

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Gary Thornhill's
Album 1

Joe Thornhill's
Album 1





Gary Thornhill's Album No.1
Langdale Campsite Easter 1980(?)
Gary and Vera Aspey at the Pembroke Castle Folk Festival 1973
Roy Lee on Long Tall Sally
Up close with the delightful Eva Schroder at 5Carrill Grove. in levenshulme (ideal family home £120K)
Duncan Lee at Curbar (1980?)
Duncan Lee
L-R: Duncam Lee, Bob Anderson, and, is that, John Dwyer

Duncan Lee (again)

A5 A55?

Nick bond going for it on Browns Eliminate at Froggatt. Gary Thornhill waiting his turn and for the wind to drop before he did his first E1 (yes, obviously, everything was on site then).
The Man, Derek Hersey

Duncan Lee (again)

Rainbow Slab, Red and Yellow...

This is the way we climbed it. It's the way it is supposed to be climbed, & on site.

Mike Connors

Inquisitor(?), at Stoney Middleton

Late Summer (1984ish) Stanage
Cornwall, St. Michaels Mount
Lichfield Mark or 5c Mark climbing at Stoney Middlton before
he became
Gary starting Comes the Dervish
Martin Willcocks climbing at Pex hill
Was this You,, Almscliffe
Gary Thornhill climbing Mutiny Crack Froggatt
Duncan Lee (Armitage Centre Climbing Wall)
Mike Connors (Browns Problem @ Froggatt)
The Charming Violet Coloured Dawn that is Iola Jones
These were so so good together
Don Whillans and Gary
L-R: Alan Jarvis, Terry Brady and Mike Connors @ Gogarth
Alan Jarvis @ Bowden Doors

Steve Fowler


Jeff Woods (sitting)

Petet Podlasiuk (hiding cigarette)

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